Champagne Beach

Lime, Lemon

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of cocktail you consume at the beach, there is no way that it doesn’t have the gorgeous sourness of the lemon squeezed in, or that eye-catching neat little lime shard on top of the glass. This is what we want to associate this flavour with through every single inhale, from the first, to the very last one. Not to forget that you also have the aid of the carefully selected lemons and limes mixed in. Irresistible, isn’t it? Your life-savour!

Aroming plus is proven to contain no tar, carcinogenic substances, poisons or other harmful particles. You are enjoying the pure aroma. This is a pure vaping product.

NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco means:

  • Healthier and longer life.
  • Normal sense of smell.
  • Food tastes normal.
  • Whiter teeth, better smelling hair and clothes.
  • Feeling free to go to restaurants, theatres, sports arenas and other public facilities where smoking isn’t permitted.