Watermelon, Mint

Nothing screams “Summer!” more than watermelon does, but can you picture the taste possibilities if a minty twist enters the game too? It’s the wildness and freshness that this flavour invades your taste buds with that made us gift it with this name, given that Fiji’s the paradise of die-hard adventure enthusiasts. Experience the next level of imagination with just a few inhales together with your pals, or even by yourself if you’re feeling selfish today. Your life-savour!

Aroming plus is proven to contain no tar, carcinogenic substances, poisons or other harmful particles. You are enjoying the pure aroma. This is a pure vaping product.

NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco means:

  • Healthier and longer life.
  • Normal sense of smell.
  • Food tastes normal.
  • Whiter teeth, better smelling hair and clothes.
  • Feeling free to go to restaurants, theatres, sports arenas and other public facilities where smoking isn’t permitted.