Ice Blueberries

Being one of the only harvested products that are naturally blue, blueberries never fail to make you feel confident enough that you’re doing something right in every bite. The very same applies to this flavour too. Their colorful, healthy and delicious beings can never fail to bring a miraculous product to life, and let us tell you, this is the case here too. With so much awesomeness, you can always find a boost of blue happiness in every inhale. Your life-savour!

Aroming plus is proven to contain no tar, carcinogenic substances, poisons or other harmful particles. You are enjoying the pure aroma. This is a pure vaping product.

NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco means:

  • Healthier and longer life.
  • Normal sense of smell.
  • Food tastes normal.
  • Whiter teeth, better smelling hair and clothes.
  • Feeling free to go to restaurants, theatres, sports arenas and other public facilities where smoking isn’t permitted.