Ice Bonbons

Name us a word that is more satisfying to say than ‘BONBON’. We won’t wait as we know there is no answer. Nevertheless, it’s not just the name that makes this flavour bring nothing but delight, because these uniquely prepared chill sweets are also a traditional treat to tuck into. The real magic happens once they’re given the final touch that results to this masterpiece of a flavour dust that we are presenting to you. Done and dusted, out of this world. Your life-savour!

Aroming plus is proven to contain no tar, carcinogenic substances, poisons or other harmful particles. You are enjoying the pure aroma. This is a pure vaping product.

NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco means:

  • Healthier and longer life.
  • Normal sense of smell.
  • Food tastes normal.
  • Whiter teeth, better smelling hair and clothes.
  • Feeling free to go to restaurants, theatres, sports arenas and other public facilities where smoking isn’t permitted.